Total Operating Cost Analysis (TOCA) – Air Heat

Quick, simple, easy and lowest price! Sometimes this approach works. But when it comes to site productivity, product quality, safety, minimizing risk, meeting schedules and energy costs, the numbers get big. It’s important to assess the right details to keep you competitive, stay on schedule and maximize your profit.

This is where looking at total operating cost makes a difference in helping uncover often misunderstood or hidden expenses that can far outweigh the temptation of quick, simple, easy and lowest rental rate. When projects are large, span over an entire winter or multi-year durations these details become increasingly important and can make or break your level of success.

Adding to the challenge, equipment & technologies are changing, new options are introduced every day and it’s no longer easy to be the portable climate control expert unless it‘s your full time gig.

These are all reasons why Aggreko developed its own sophisticated proprietary software that is engineer stamped. It eliminates guesswork and opinions about what will deliver the lowest total operating cost, best results and fit. TOCA (Total Operating Cost Analysis) enables informed decision making.

TOCA is backed with industry best practices and expertise that provides proper analysis of multiple project factors that affect the entire lifecycle of the project – vs. – just looking at a pure “rental only rate”…

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Key areas that are considered in an TOCA are:

  • Energy (fuel type)
  • Quantity of Distribution Points
  • Target Temperatures
  • Exterior Temperatures
  • R-Values
  • Delivery, Setup / Takedown
  • Multiple Equipment Configuration Options
  • Equipment Rental
  • Fire Watch & Supervision
  • Overall Preference / Rankings

ICS & TOCA – up front entire budget and job costing, best fit equipment options with increased competitive advantage and profits!