For the ultimate in peace-of-mind, Aggreko offers 24 hour Remote Monitoring services when your climate control solution is in an isolated location or is part of a sensitive operation.

Our Remote Monitoring service allows for quick understanding of the following:RemoteMonitoring

  • Where the equipment is – tracks physical location
  • Is there power or fuel to the equipment?
  • What are the output temperature levels of the solution (within “HI” and “LOW” ranges)?
  • Notifications if intended performance is interrupted
  • Regular, daily reports on overall solution operation

In addition to the comfort in knowing your deployed solution is functioning properly, Remote Monitoring also saves the time & effort it would, normally, take during or after business hours to physically check on equipment performance, at site. The more time you save, the more you can direct your attention to areas of your project that really do need your undivided consideration. You even benefit by not having to use personal or family time after hours to monitor your projects temperature control.

Further, Aggreko’s Remote Monitoring service provides a constant stream of data & metrics. This information can be used to generate reports, tweak deployed solutions for optimum performance, and to further understand how a ‘given’ portable climate control solution will perform in a particular situation in the future.

Aggreko’s Remote Monitoring service… a simple concept that delivers plenty of convenience and, a wealth of information to clients. Call Aggreko, today, to learn more about how Remote Monitoring can assist with bringing your projects in on-time and, under-budget.