On the jobsite, portable climate control equipment drives productivity and, is one of those “mission critical” components that can make or break your project’s schedule & budget.

Bottom line? Your portable climate control solution needs to be working at peak efficiency at all times, no questions asked.

To this end, Aggreko schedules annual inspections & reconditioning of our entire fleet of portable climate control equipment before the start of each heating season. All work is performed at Aggreko’s facilities by our factory-certified technicians. The benefits of using properly serviced equipment include:

  • Increased reliability
  • Increased fuel efficiency
  • Decreased downtime
  • Decreased fuel / job costs
  • Reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Meets Provincial regulations (where applicable)

Ensuring that customers receive equipment that has been optimized for performance and works right, the first time – every time… that’s the ‘Aggreko way’. Ask us, today, how our portable climate control solutions can assist with bringing in your projects on-time and under-budget!