• Temporary heating of construction projects is a logistic unique onto itself. The Aggreko team provided a service to Centrury Park that allowed winter construction to proceed seamlessly through construction and finishing of 400,000 sq. ft of residential buildings. Then a team of technicians provided continuous onsite service creating no interruptions to our schedule. When the requisition for winter heating was complete, this team removed all equipment in a timely manner with no residual rental items left unaccounted for. I continue to recommend Edmonton Aggreko to any contractor who need winter heat; not winter headaches.
    Dave Dixon, Century Park
    Construction Manager, Edmonton
  • In my experience with Aggreko, if there was an issue with our equipment Aggreko was very prompt in getting service to us when needed. Aggreko has a professional approach to identifying and providing you with your heating requirements. Also, when I needed service, they were there right away.
    Jeff Zawaski, Chandos
    Superintendent, Edmonton
  • A very professional experience. Very receptive and accommodating. Requests were dealt with promptly and service was always available.
    Steve Neal, Westcorp Construction Inc.
    Superintendent, London Projects at Calgary Heritage
  • The equipment worked really well. The guys were there immediately, as scheduled. It was really appreciated. No waiting, no delays. 2 service issues – very quick response from service. Set-ups, a couple of hours and off and running. Worked awesome
    Reed Atwood and Rick Bryce, Animal Bylaw Services
  • Aggreko equipment was beneficial to the site schedule. The drop times were punctual. Any problem were dealt with by a service rep with knowledge. Often just a walk through on the phone. Recommendation has already been made for a site that requires dry heat this winter!
    Richard Tucker, Botting & Associates
    Superintendent, Rockyview General Hospital
  • Really worked. Heating and hoarding on a really tight time line with heating unit and hoses. Pushed the limits to provide a timely opening. We only had one problem and the service guy showed up within one hour, impressive. I absolutely recommend Aggreko. Contacted Aggreko and the equipment was deployed immediately.
    Blair Buchan, Aspen Meadows
  • Over the past few years I have gone to using Aggreko exclusively for all my heating needs. I would recommend Aggreko. Great service, dependable and effective heating.
    Justin Lock, Chandos
  • “Great source of heat! No problems with equipment! Worked great!”
    Kevin McCallum, Summa Management
    Site Superintendent
  • Overall system is superior to open flame! Overall very satisfied!
    Gary Gustafson, Summa Management
    Site Superintendent
  • First time used but not last! Fire risk prevention was my big plus!
    Bob Pavelich, Ellis-Don
    Site Superintendent
  • I would use and recommend the system again! Thank you for your excellent service last winter!
    Jack McLaughlin, Black & Mcdonald
    Account Manager