Oil Field Storage Tank Coating

In a remote northern Alberta location an oil field storage tank needed industrial coating to be applied to the interior surface which faced an ambient air temperature of -30◦C. Heat needed to be utilized to the interior floor, walls and ceiling to a temperature which would allow the metal substrates to be prepared and coated.


  • Heat was to be evenly distributed throughout the tank’s interior
  • No toxic combustion gases
  • Minimal air circulation
  • No clutter of equipment to impede the coating crew

Aggreko deployed its Climate Change Tarp System (patent pending) that heats, insulates, radiates and controls moisture. The modular tarp-design allows the system to be custom-sized and attached to the exterior of the vessel, and create an envelope within which a micro-climate is managed. Heat is delivered at precise temperatures and conducted evenly around the circumference of the circular vessel.


  • The sanding and coating processes were successfully applied to all substrates of the tank interior.
  • The metal surface temperatures were carefully managed and maintained in the range of plus 20◦C to plus 40◦C range, while the outside ambient air temperature was -30◦C in blizzard conditions.
  • Since heat was delivered entirely to the exterior of the structure, there was no equipment inside, no combustion gas and no need for make-up air.
  • The insulation and contained heat delivered an energy-efficient operating system which required re-fuelling only once every 24 hours.