Many of the components on your well site are ‘mission critical’ – if their performance is disrupted, it can result in operational delays, monetary losses, and an unsafe work environment.

That’s where Aggreko can help. We can ensure continuous and safe operation of your worksite by delivering heat to the crucial areas that cannot stand a freeze-up, under any circumstance.

Blow-Out Preventers

Heat is introduced either by radiant heat transfer or blowing hot air inside a hoarding that contains the BOP. Explosion proof & flameless heating solutions are available to operate safely in hazardous environments. You choose the one that best-fits the needs of your specific project.

Pumps, Valves, Fittings

Many of these vital components are made of metal and very susceptible to freezing. Aggreko offers two ways to prevent metal components from freezing on your well site in cold weather. Both methods may employ the use of explosion proof and/or flameless heating configurations to maintain component functionality:

Heat & Hoard – blowing heated air into a temporary hoard surrounding the ‘target’ metal component(s).

Radiant Glycol Heat Tracing – wrapping crucial metal parts with hoses or heat tarps and continuously circulating heated glycol through the system.