When temperatures dip below zero and you need to ensure your site water stays usable, where can you turn? To the expert team at Aggreko.

Our tailored Tank Fluid Heating solutions for Oil & Gas are safe, portable, and will keep your fluids flowing in the harshest of climates. Aggreko fluid heating solutions will keep your site up-time to the max and operating at peak performance.

  • Our heating systems will maintain the temperature of the fluid above freezing, anytime, anywhere.
  • Reliability and uptime second-to-none without operators, non-stop delivery of heat in extremely cold and windy conditions.
  • Fuel flexibility. Heating Units run on propane, diesel or natural gas (CNG/LNG/Fuel Gas).
  • Fuel savings & reduced GHG emissions. Btu capacity “supplied” is in aligned with Btu capacity “required”
  • Systems can be configured with redundancy to ensure 100% uptime.
  • Precise temperature control.
  • Fast temperature lift.
  • No insulation or tarps required on tanks.
  • Can heat various fluid types: water, hydrocarbons, corrosive, dirty, and salt-laden fluids, light oils etc.
  • Service and technical support 24/7

Regardless of the size and shape of your fluid containers, Aggreko can design a fluid heating package that is mindful of the specific goals of your particular job, and in the end will be safe, economical, and environmentally conscious.


  • Water flood injection
  • SAGD Well Cementing
  • Completions fluids
  • Production Process
  • Fire fighting
  • Ice Roads

Aggreko can connect to your tanks and deliver heat to the fluid inside with three different methods:

Integral Tank Steam Coils – hot glycol is continuously circulated through the existing coil to keep your fluid useable. This method will keep fluids from freezing but has limited temperature rise.

Bayonet Tank Heat Exchanger – fluids are heated while inside the tank by replacing the lower man-hatch on your tank with this “immersion” style heat exchanger. This method offers the advantage of allowing you to rapidly raise and precisely control the temperature of the tank-fluid to almost any temperature you wish.

Circulation” Style Heater – fluid is removed from the tank, heated and put back into the tank. This method lets you heat multiple tanks simultaneously with one system AND can drastically raise the temperature of the water with minimal lead time if required.

To keep your site water ready 100% of the time, contact the Fluid Heating experts at Aggreko. Our Solution Team will use industry specific analysis tools to provide up front services. They will outline total operating costs that help you reduce costs and accurately budget, before you spend the money. We’ll assist with bringing in your Oil & Gas projects on-time & under budget. Call, today!