Length and Size Do Not Matter…Oil and Gas Pipeline Cure 5

If you need to utilize long distance water lines instead of hauling water in the middle of winter, Aggreko can heat it – keeping your operation going at peak performance.

Aggreko can apply heat to the entire installation. Keeping your long distance water line operating in the bitter cold of winter is a snap. Aggreko has successfully heated long distance water lines stretching up to 20km in length during the coldest months of the year.

The process is simple… Tell us what distance the water needs to travel, the final temperature & flow-rate you need from your water as it is pumped into its final vessel. The rest is up to us. Our Solution Team will use industry specific analysis tools to provide up front services. They will outline total operating costs that help you reduce costs and accurately budget, before you spend the money.

Contact the fluid heating experts at Aggreko about heating a Long Distance Water Line for your next completions project. We’ll assist with bringing your job in on-time and under budget. Call, today..!


The Aggreko solution involves three effective ways to accomplish this:

  1. Wrapping pipes with the Climate Change Tarping System (CCTS), a series of hot glycol hoses embedded in insulated tarps that are wrapped around the pipe.
  2. For small diameter ground level pipe, Aggreko can lay a hot glycol hose along the base on each side of the pipe then tarp the hoses tightly around the pipe.
  3. Injecting heated water in a high volume long distance supply line with heat-on-the-fly, one-pass temperature lifts. The water passes through the heating system and injected into the waterline then pumped to the destination for its intended use at the required predetermined temperatures.

If your pipe is frozen, Aggreko can “barber pole” or wrap hot glycol hoses around the pipe then wrap an insulated tarp around the hot glycol hoses. With this method, you can apply maximum BTU’s to the substrate which has proven to be an ultra-effective method of thawing.

Added benefits include:

  • Aggreko can supply TRI Fuel Central Heating Units that can utilize the most cost effective fuel type available on site saving the client fuel costs and reducing Greenhouse Gas Emissions.
  • ICS’ expertise and field experience