kraken-logoMeet KRAKEN – the leader in Tri-Fuel SuperHeater technology!

This monster delivers big Btu’s at a field-tested 90% efficiency… yielding better heating results, reduced fuel costs, and a fewer carbon emissions.

A ‘true’ tri-fuel SuperHeater, fuel selection is as simple as turning a dial. Now, with no components to switch out, delays relating to changing fuel are gone.

And, because of its high-efficiency, KRAKEN will use less fuel to heat your job.

Additional savings are achieved with the Automatic Thermostat feature, cycling the heater off when required temperature levels are reached. KRAKEN turns back on when the fluid cools below its target level.
KRAKEN Tri-Fuel SuperHeater

This SuperHeater was born different! Contact Aggreko today and discover the real power of the hyper-efficient KRAKEN Tri-Fuel SuperHeater.


Additional benefits of Aggreko’s KRAKEN SuperHeater include:

  • Large Btu super-efficient burner (90%) heats your fluid not your surroundings.
  • Change fuel types (diesel, propane, natural gas) at the turn of a dial. Comes with a propane vaporizer.
  • Select your required fluid temperature and leave the rest to KRAKEN.
  • Where required for running on natural gas Aggreko supplies a separator metering package.
  • Aggreko provides fully trained operators.
  • Fully CSA and ASME certified.
  • ISNetworld, Comply Works, CanQual, and PAggreko certified.
  • Designed for worry-free operation in Canada’s punishing winter climate.
  • Heat any combination of: frac water containers (pits, C-ring tanks, and 400bbl tanks), long-distance water lines (20km pumping at 5m3/minute) and, water tanks.
  • Reduce your carbon footprint by using less fuel.