wellhead-250x278Natural Gas Separator Metering Package

Want to reduce jobsite fuel costs by up to 90%*?
How about cutting your Greenhouse Gas (GHG) emissions, at the same time..?
If your worksite has access to natural gas from a pump-jack, well-bore, or pipeline, you are one step away from making the above scenario a reality – all you need is a Natural Gas Separator Metering Package from Aggreko**.

Natural gas, because of its significantly lower price and the fact that it burns so efficiently, can deliver a number of benefits if used to power your jobsite. They include:

  • Drastic reduction in fuel costs
  • Decreased CO2 and other GHG emissions
  • Elimination of fuel related transportation costs
  • Less environmental damage from a reduction of transportation
  • Increased site safety resulting from reduced traffic

But, before you start pushing natural gas to your equipment, it may need to be treated & metered, first – that’s where Aggreko’s Natural Gas Metering Package can assist.

Custom-built using the highest quality materials & components, our Natural Gas Metering Packages will turn your worksite into a lean, clean, cost-savings machine. Benefits to you include:

  1. Water “slugs” are removed from the natural gas
  2. Gas volumes and flow rates are properly tracked
  3. Auto Shut-Off feature if metering service is compromised
  4. Remote Monitoring capable – offers the ultimate in peace-of-mind & data
  5. Skid-mounting makes for easy portability on site

You supply the natural gas and a Gas Analysis report, Aggreko will provide the Metering Package that brings clean, low-cost fuel to your jobsite. For more information on how to make your site 100% natural gas ready, contact one of our Oil & Gas specialists at 1-866-247-4460 today..!

Aggreko will provide a projected business case for deploying the natural gas separator metering package.

* when compared to using diesel
** “sweet” service ONLY