Frac Fluid Temperature ControlFrac Water Heaters from Aggreko — Frac Fluid ready!

Aggreko Frac Water Heaters provide temperature control of your fluids from start to finish. Whether you need a quick temperature spike or your frac water temperature will be maintained at predetermined levels, it will always be frac ready – even if you experience a scheduling change.

Aggreko offers two Frac Water Heater types, “immersion” and “circulation”. Immersion is typically deployed on longer duration jobs intended to remain situated for the entire time. Circulation are used on both long and short-term jobs and provide faster deploy, tear-down and portability.

Frac Fluid Temperature ControlAggreko Frac Water Heater Benefits:

  • Tri-fuel – they run on diesel, propane, or natural gas
  • Cost effective over traditional methods, “Super” efficient – use less fuel & reduce GHG emissions.
  • Built-in redundancy – your water won’t freeze
  • Remain on site until your frac is finished or come and go as required
  • Technical support always available 24/7/365
  • Heat pits/ponds, C-Ring tanks, and 400bbl tank farms

You don’t have to be at the mercy of the off-site heaters again. Our frac fluid temperature control process delivers precise, reliable results ensuring consistent up-time and service. It’s time to frac according to your schedule, not someone else’s.

But it’s not just about equipment. Our Solution Team is armed with industry specific analysis tools to provide up front services. They will outline total operating costs that help you reduce costs and accurately budget, before you spend the money.

For information on how to make your site 100% frac fluid ready, call our Frac Water Heating Division at 1-866-247-4460 or email