Site WinterizationWith a focus on fuel savings, safety and reliability we ensure your site is winter ready and production continues uninterrupted even in the harshest of conditions.

How does Aggreko accomplish this?

We often find ways to show our clients fuel savings of up to 50% over current heating methods. We do this by uncovering inefficient or obsolete processes so they can be replaced with today’s best practices.

We don’t take a one size fits all approach, or rent heaters on large volume rental contracts to reduce rental rates. We help you understand significant costs that if not managed properly, can wipe out savings from any large volume equipment rental contracts.

Our approach is to listen, design, then deliver site specific solutions to meet your objectives and manage site conditions.  We’ll help you evaluate total operating costs for multiple heating or cooling configurations. Simply put, we arm you with the right information to make an informed decision backed up with industry best practices and expertise.

Proudly providing market leading reliability, safety and 24/7/365 service from our Fort McMurray Service Centre, Aggreko will maximize your production, minimize downtime all while saving you valuable time and money.

Key Areas of Aggreko Expertise in Site Winterization:

  • Industrial Freeze PreventionFull turnkey setup, takedown, movement and onsite preventative maintenance:
    • We know you have better things to do with your time, and just how valuable that time is. When it comes climate control rental solutions, getting the equipment there, setting it up, commissioning and movement can be a real royal pain. We’ll not only ensure that you can keep your focus on production, we make sure your entire winterization package is in safe hands. We have the expertise and the focus to put all the pieces together (logistics, equipment, electrical, fuel, labour, permits, oil changes and maintenance)  creating an environment of maximum uptime with minimum headaches. That’s the Aggreko way!
  • Temporary structure and hoarding heat including explosion proof & flameless:
    • Different locations of your plant site might require different solutions, we help show what the best rental heating options are to ensure each area of the plant operates safely and effectively. We come to you, determine heat calculations, fuel consumption, labor, transport and give you the math on multiple types of systems including conventional heaters, hydronic systems as well as heat for flameless and class 1 div 1 explosion proof environments.
  • Oil and Gas Pipeline Cure 3Supplement heat for permanent buildings:
    • In the nastiest winters, sometimes your building HVAC or steam generation facilities can be maxed out, or worse, at a deficit.  We are able to respond quickly and effectively to make sure your critical infrastructure does not freeze when permanent heat systems go down or can’t keep up.
  • Instrumentation and critical valve heating:
    • Have confidence knowing your instrumentation and remote hydraulic valves will operate exactly when you need them to, no matter what the temperature is. We custom configure the right heating solutions package focusing on reliability and fuel efficiency for your mission critical infrastructure.
  • Refinery heating solutions:
    • Safety and reliability is the name of the game, and don’t worry; Aggreko is on top of it.  No matter what time of year or what the temperature is, Aggreko will listen, design and deliver industry leading temporary climate control solutions, done right, the first time.
  • Pipeline thaw and freeze prevention:
    • Sometimes -35C happens and you might find frozen pipes. Prevention is key. Especially in areas which seem to be more prone to pipeline freezing. We put the right solution in place before the snow flies to make the nightmare of a frozen pipeline a thing of the past. Any pipe regardless of the distance you need freeze prevented or thawed, Aggreko has the people, expertise and equipment to get it done 24/7/365.
  • Plant turnaround/shutdown temperature control:
    • Aggreko can help you ensure your turnaround stays on-time and on budget.  Whether you need short term maintenance heating, cooling or curing we’ll work with your subcontractors in pre-planning through to equipment setup and removal to ensure you’re your goals are met within your tight schedules.