Multiple Points of Distribution | Multi-Zone Temperature Control | Advanced Fuel-Efficiency ( Click to Enlarge )It’s cold outside. Your jobsite needs heat. But you work in a Class 1 hazardous environment where there is the high potential for the presence of flammable gasses, dusts or fibres.  What do you do?

You contact Aggreko about an Explosion Proof heating solution.

Whether it’s heat for your workforce, your production process, or freeze-prevention of vital instrumentation & components, a tailored solution from Aggreko will safely maximize your production levels while minimizing downtime in critical areas.

All explosion proof heating solutions from Aggreko are reliable, efficient, and CSA approved.

  • Explosion Proof logo (color)Additional benefits of the Aggreko solution include:
  • Multiple Points of Distribution
  • Work in locations up to Class 1 Div 1 hazardous environments
  • Advanced fuel efficiency – decreased fuel consumption; lower costs
  • Reduced greenhouse gas (GHG) emissions
  • Enhanced safety
  • Multi-zone temperature control with a single system
  • Maximize production, minimize downtime & maintenance
  • Site specific solutions designed & deployed correctly the first time

Oilsands, oil & gas, mining, refineries, processing plants… Aggreko delivers safe, efficient, temporary rental heat to each of these ‘mission critical’ hazardous work environments. Contact us today and discover how we can assist with bringing your project in, on-time and under budget.