It’s wet and there’s water damage everywhere…Dryout

  1. A pipe in your building has burst.
  2. You’ve had a fire extinguished by the Fire Department.
  3. Weather has caused flooding in your facility.

Regardless of where the water came from, you have a soaking wet structure that needs to be dried. And, if you don’t properly address the problem, you’re looking at expensive, long-term damage to your building AND the potential for hazardous mold to form.

Dryout-IRYou need a professional structural drying solution. You need the high performance Rapid-Dry System from Aggreko.

Rapid-Dry provides high performance, efficient, non-intrusive structural drying for virtually any type of water damage, whether in a large area or a confined space. Each Rapid-Dry System can remove up to 960 gallons/moisture per day from building materials.

Our specially trained service teams understand that water damage situations are unique in the way they need to be handled. To this end, Aggreko can deliver the following to your structural drying situation:

  • Temporary tie-ins to existing mechanical systems to deliver “space heat” and potable hot water
  • Breathe fresh, clean air
  • Minimize water damage to structures
  • Help to put the brakes on mold formation
  • Our interim solutions are high performance, efficient, safe, and unobtrusive

Aggreko has been a provider of industrial/commercial grade structural drying & heating solutions since 1999. Get your operation back up and running WHILE you are drying/providing heat. Contact Aggreko about an interim solution, today.


Air Heat Configurations:

Indirect Hydronic Drying with Positive Pressure

Indirect Air Drying with Positive Pressure

Indirect Hydronic

Indirect Air