Construction Heat or “Space Heat” is easily the most familiar application of portable climate control you will find on a jobsite. What isn’t so familiar are all of the latest technologies, their best fit and best practices… what to use, and when. Not to mention that portable climate control is more than just heating or cooling. Today’s portable climate control options deliver the following:

  • Clean & filtered air quality
  • Remove or add moisture to maintain the desired relative Humidity
  • Even heat distribution
  • Air Movement with high or low CFM volumes and static pressure
  • Positive, negative or no pressurizing configurations

The ability to address so many jobsite needs makes it hard to discount the significant impact temporary heating has on worker morale, productivity and finished job quality.

But providing warm, dry or moist, conditioned air means different things to different people, depending on the industry they work in. For example:

  • To the Construction Contractor: it ensures worker safety & productivity, eliminates moisture-related delays and properly cures select building materials.
  • To the Oil & Gas producer: it speaks to BOP & critical-hoardings freeze prevention, winterization of facilities and temporary heat for structures.
  • To the Restoration contractor: it means Rapid-Dry high performance structural drying and temporary HVAC tie-ins, allowing uninterrupted clean up and reconstruction work to go on.

Work like it’s the middle of summer! Aggreko’s portable heater rentals will help bring your projects in on-time and under-budget.

To ensure you receive the correct Space Heat solution for your next project, we recommend speaking with one of our portable climate control experts. They will listen, design, then deliver a tailored plan that defines an “all in” Total Cost of Operation for your unique job – from start to finish. Ask us how, today…

Learn More About Space Heat Configurations:

Early Phase Construction - Partially Closed-in - Zero Insulation


Exterior Hoard

Mid-Phase Construction - Closed In - Insulated Ready for Finishing


Suspended Structural Single / Multi-slab


Underground Parkade


High Rise