Aggreko proudly provides project-specific, portable COOLING solutions that address the particular needs of your jobsite.

Our Application Specialists will design a portable COOLING solution that pairs the right process with the right environment. The result? You get all the “chilled” air you need from a solution that delivers maximum efficiency while keeping your project on-time and under-budget.

Portable Cooling Brochure

Our most popular cooling applications include:

  • Concrete Finishing / Curing: A tailored COOLING solution from Aggreko allows contractors to properly cure concrete and apply finishes that will perform to their maximum potential for life.
  • Comfort / Productivity: Working on a closed-in jobsite can get hot! Portable COOLING will put the ‘spring’ back into your workers’ step and move your project at the speed of efficiency.
  • Process Control Environments: Temporary portable COOLING will, both, protect the integrity of electrical assets AND maintain their operating schedules.
  • Outdoor Events: A made-to-order COOLING solution offers your audience the freedom to fully enjoy your outdoor event – in complete comfort.

Aggreko LISTENS, DESIGNS then DELIVERS tailored, temporary cooling solutions that address the specific objectives of your projects!

Beat the heat with an Aggreko solution that keeps you “cool as a cucumber” and delivers your projects on-time and under-budget.