DE Tie In 2When existing buildings or new construction projects need temporary heating solutions, Aggreko helps property managers and jobsite supervisors keep their cool.

Occupied apartments, schools, high-rises, and other commercial buildings depend on continually functioning boiler/HVAC systems for space heat and potable hot water. If you’re boiler system is “offline” for decommissioning, replacement, or maintenance, your building and its occupants will be left with no heat or hot water.

Boiler Swap & Tie In Brochure

That’s when you need a temporary boiler & HVAC tie-in from Aggreko. A solution designed to keep your facility up-and-running AND your occupants comfortable.

Temporary boiler & HVAC tie-in solutions from Aggreko are safe, unobtrusive, and can be deployed inside or outside of your building. Additionally, because Aggreko’s equipment is classed as “non-pressurized”, you’ll never need a ticketed technician to operate them. Our units connect directly to a building’s permanent distribution system… once we’re connected, the solution will remain in place until the permanent system is back online.

Keep your facility operational, your project on-schedule, and your occupants comfortable, even in the face of a non-functioning boiler & HVAC system. Call Aggreko, today for more information!