Aggreko proudly offers tailored, portable HUMIDITY CONTROL solutions that address the specific needs of your projects.

From protecting valuable components on your Construction site to enhancing the productivity of your workforce, our team will create a project-specific HUMIDITY CONTROL solution that is anything but ordinary.

Humidity Control Brochure

The most common humidity control solutions are:

  • Architectural Finishing: Controlling interior relative humidity ensures expensive millwork, paneling, doors, mouldings and beams are not subject to warping and splitting due to fluctuations in temperature and humidity.
  • Electrical Equipment: Providing the appropriate relative humidity can assist in protecting your large-scale electrical assets from dust & static electricity.

Aggreko listens to your project-specific needs, then designs & delivers a made-to-order solution that tackles your site objectives head-on!

Aggreko HUMIDITY CONTROL solutions deliver maximum benefit while keeping your project on-time and under-budget.