OG GroundThawJust, how important is it to contractors?

Well, for those who live in cold-climate geographies where the earth is frozen for a good portion of the year, it’s absolutely imperative. In reality, without the ability to thaw frozen ground, most winter construction projects would not even be possible.

To this end, Aggreko offers complete Ground Thaw solutions to contractors wanting to keep their construction schedules & budgets on-track.

A properly configured Ground Thaw system conducts up to 94% of its heat directly to Thaw Canadian Tire Hose and Tarpsthe earth – under the appropriate conditions enough to thaw up to one foot of frozen ground per day!

But, ICS’ Ground Thaw services are more than portable heater rentals providing temporary heat:

  • Nobody can put together large scale ground thaw equipment logistics to accelerate your schedule like Aggreko.
  • Personalized, consultative approach – we design a perfectly tailored solution that addresses your project’s specific needs.
  • Full-time R&D Division – the insights we get from the lab are built into the solutions we bring to your site.
  • Thaw Hose Laid No Tarps24/7/365 service – if you need assistance, we come to you and make it right.
  • Over 15 years of proven field experience – we understand your cold-weather construction challenges.
  • We provide all equipment configuration options, whether trailered or component, running natural gas, propane or diesel fuel
  • Additional services that further enhance the Ground Thaw experience – flow
    reversers, remote equipment monitoring and accredited Service personnel.
  • Our primary focus is to positively impact your project’s overall schedule & budget.

Aggreko’s Ground Thaw services… it’s time to get your commercial construction project off the ground!