When your poured concrete gets hot, we have cooling solutions to ensure it cures properly!

High performance concrete & massive/hi-volume pours are critical components in large-scale industrial and commercial construction projects.

It’s July. It’s hot outside and you have a lot of material to place. There’s pressure to keep the project on schedule, but if you pour concrete in this heat, you need to ensure it stays cool to cure properly. Aggreko can help with that.

First, we listen; discovering what specific requirements your concrete cooling project has. Second, we design a customized solution that fits with your needs. Third, our expert team delivers your solution & the desired results your to site.

What else does Aggreko bring to the table?

  • Rebar 2Our solutions will minimize your project costs.
  • Over 15 years of successful experience employing portable climate control techniques, including concrete curing
  • We use industry developed ‘Best Practices’ when designing client solutions.
  • An arsenal of temperature control methods that further enhance the concrete cooling process.

Stellar concrete cooling results in hot weather… every time. Ask how Aggreko can assist with keeping your construction projects on-schedule and under-budget.