ICS Group Opens Office in Saskatchewan!
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Canada’s largest independent supplier of Portable Climate Control solutions is now open for business in Saskatchewan.

Mr. Ken Pozniak, manager of Aggreko’s Saskatchewan office, couldn’t be more excited. “The sky’s the limit, here! Saskatchewan is an outstanding province with lots of quality opportunities for our solutions.”

Specializing in portable climate control – temperature controlled workspaces for workers, operational processes, and building materials – Aggreko caters to a variety of different client types. From leading Construction Contractors to Oil & Gas, Disaster Recovery, and Event Planners, each has shown a distinct need for Aggreko’s expert solutions.

Ken Pozniak says, “Regardless of the type of customer, Aggreko approaches all clients with one objective – to listen, design, then deliver exactly what they expect from their tailored portable climate control solutions.” He continues, “We take the customers’ job-specific requirements and create solutions that, ultimately, bring their projects in on-time and under-budget.”

Thankfully, for Aggreko, delivering on promises is a concept that Pozniak readily understands. With 20+ years’ experience as a sales professional, and a genuine desire to help others, Ken Pozniak really knows what it takes to create happy customers – proactive service & a friendly face.

“As I get to know the many clients at Aggreko, it’s clearly about service and building relationships. The customers I call on take their jobs very seriously… they don’t have time for poorly performing business partners. Once you’ve shown you can consistently deliver, you’re well on your way to forging solid business partnerships.”

When asked why Aggreko has recently expanded to Saskatchewan, Cory Kohut, Solutions Manager (Mid-Western Canada) for Aggreko says, “Opening here was a natural for us – it’s a very vibrant market.” He continues, “Plus, we wanted to offer customers in Saskatchewan the same level of service we’ve been delivering to their neighbors in Alberta and Manitoba.”

 If their track record is any indication – and it should be, Aggreko has been steadily growing since 1999 – they plan to be respected members of Saskatchewan’s business community for years to come. And, that pleases Pozniak, “I’m excited! I’m from here, I live here… I love this province and I’m really looking forward to the challenges of this new opportunity with Aggreko.”


Aggreko is the largest independent provider of Portable Climate Control solutions in Canada. Their temporary heating, concrete cure, and ground thaw solutions cater to construction, oil & gas, industrial, restoration & event sector clients. Relentlessly pursuing R&D and application development, Aggreko is accustomed to overcoming their customers’ unique challenges. This innovative attitude, coupled with a “listen first” mantra, has enabled Aggreko to continually expand the market for their rental services, while solidifying their place as a supplier-of-choice with clients.

Aggreko has locations in Calgary, Edmonton, Fort McMurray, Saskatoon, and Winnipeg. Ken Pozniak can be contacted in Saskatchewan at: phone: (306) 222-8386, email: kenpozniak@icsgroup.ca.