2014 Petroleum Show!
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Aggreko Presents Their new Tri-Fuel SuperHeater at 2014 Global Petroleum Show!

CALGARY, ALBERTA, June10-12, 2014 – Another successful Global Petroleum Show (GPS) is in the books!

From its humble beginnings in 1968, the show has grown to be the second-largest on the planet, eclipsed only by Houston’s annual Offshore Technology Conference. Bringing together global producers, EPC’s, service companies and suppliers, the GPS plays host to 100 countries, 63,000 attendees, and 2,000 exhibitors. The show is now so popular, it’s become an annual event.

At this year’s exhibition, Aggreko relished the opportunity to showcase their brand new Tri-Fuel Superheater – KRAKEN.

Specially designed for the harsh Canadian winters and loaded with cutting-edge performance features, KRAKEN is the most capable superheater in the industry, today. It left our customers raving about its capabilities.

Specifically, they appreciated the ability to switch between fuel types (diesel, propane, natural gas) at the turn-of-a-dial, with no components to swap out. Also, the capacity to “dial in” & maintain a desired fluid temperature was beneficial to end-users (set it and forget it). Finally, KRAKEN’s high-efficiency (90%) allows operators to consume far less fuel for their jobs – talk about reducing your carbon footprint..!

Is KRAKEN versatile? You bet. It can deliver the BIG SuperHeater Btu’s or, its output can be reduced down to a minimum of 1 million Btu’s for finer jobs needing less heat.

KRAKEN is ideal for heating frac water (pits/ponds, C-rings, 400bbl tanks), injecting heat into long- distance water lines (20km), and heating process water tanks.

And, if initial responses are any indication, Aggreko’s KRAKEN Tri-Fuel SuperHeaters will be very busy this upcoming Fall/Winter heating season.

Aggreko thanks all their customers who made it down to this year’s Global Petroleum Show and, they forward to seeing everyone at next year’s event. Have a safe and productive winter, everyone!